Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a good duck story..........

a friend sent me this story and I wanted to share

Saw the cutest story unfold on our local news..It happened in the city..There was a mother duck who had her baby ducks..all 7 of em. And the baby ducks were crossing the road with their mom but the babies fell down thru a water sewer grate.
Someone saw it as the mother stayed by, squawking her head off. Some other people were able to get the baby ducks out with this huge scooper net. And put them in a doggie crate and waited to see if the mother duck would go in the crate with em as they wanted to take them all to the nearby pond where they would be safe.
The mother duck would have nothing to do with that crate but she wanted her babies and kept running back and forth. They could not catch her so they proceeded down the road to where the pond was and it worked coz the mother duck followed from behind.. Walking as fast as her little legs would waddle her. And kept following..A few feet from the pond, the mother duck disappeared. They did not know what to do then coz they did not want to put the baby ducks out into the pond by themselves. So they proceeded to return from where they came. And a few yards away comes mother duck...all in an uproar but now she had the father duck with her.. Looks like she went and got reinforcements ha. And they were yakking up a storm. Anyways, they let the babies out of the crate and they all waddled to their mommy who then proceeded down to the pond and all her fluffy crew trailed behind her tight as they could get. Tails were moving fast as can be. I tell you, it was one of those *GOOD* type of stories that make ya wanna cry and laugh and giggle all the one time.
And it was so wonderful to see it all on tape like that..Mothers are all alike eh..animal or human..sometimes animals more protective than humans!****************(written by a good friend.

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  1. oh meme...what a perfect story.
    as soon as i read it, i went to you tube and sure enough the story was there along with several others!
    i read your story out loud to bernie and he just loved it!
    meme, how i worded the search was, "on the news baby ducks fall into the sewer"
    oh we have to go out but when we get back i am going to watch again!
    oh it reminds me of the verse,
    Matthew 23:37
    O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

    thanks for giving me a good start to the day mema and thanks for your visit to my blog...god bless you, you inspiring little terry