Thursday, July 2, 2009

the best is always here

  • I do not know who wrote this wee poem
  • but I know that papa hubby would say it to me-

The best is never over,

The best is never gone,

There is alway's something lovely

to keep you struggling on;

There is always compensation

For every cross you bear,

God's secret consolation-

planted well somewhere.

Ends are new beginnings

As one day you will see-

The best is never over

And again one day

with your heart will see

the best is never over.


''That at the name of Jesus every knee shatll bow, of things in heaven, and in earth, and

things under the earth. Philippians 2:10

huggles me, Meme


  1. dear meme,
    what a poem!
    i was so tired today that i didn't get a chance to come here, other than to put a prayer request over at donna's blog "by his stripes" for my aunt marion.
    too bad because this poem would have been such a help.
    mom golden's sister who is in a senior home was just in so much depression and pain when we went to see her yeaterday.
    several weeks ago she went blind as the eye implant she had for a few years rejected and now she is on a long waiting list for another one.
    she has recently said that she got saved and so this does seem like the worst of things that has happened but when i read your poem, i have a little more knowing that this is happening for a purpose but again here i am thinking that and here i am again knowing not one bit what she is going through and knowing not one bit what moved your dear heart to write such a poem...god bless you dear lady....i am sure that the lord is so proud of terry

  2. This is written so beautifully.


  3. What a wonderful poem!Thanks so much for sharing it with us!~Sharon

  4. Love that poem, Meme! Beautiful and so true. We serve a faithful God.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and school tips. I do believe consequences and standing firm is the key. I just have to be consistent. That is always the tough part. Nice to get advice and insights from someone who has been there, done that! ;0)

    Hope you are enjoying the organizing challenge. I am meeting such awesome blogging ladies as a result of that.

  5. Being a positive minded myself, I feel that is my secret formula of survival living as a single mother solely caring for my children since they were very very little.

    In those times, I did not ponder how hard life was; what I pondered was, God do not forsake those who seek Him and ask for His comfort and help.

    There is no better reason I can offer why we are still here today. I did not do those things for I don't have the power of my own. The strength comes from Him above. That is my conviction in life.

    This poem is so appropriate to describe how my children and I have lived.

    Thanks to Pastor Mike for bringing me here. It's great to draw inspirations from other bloggers.

    Have a lovely day!

  6. What a great poem and bible verse, thanks for sharing.